Perfect Petzzz Life-like Stuffed German Shepherd, Breathing, Realistic, 100% Synthetic Fur, Gift for All Ages

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Looking for a loyal and devoted friend? Meet the Perfect Petzzz German Shepherd. Our life-like stuffed toy dog is the perfect companion for anyone who wants all the love and affection of a real dog without any of the hassle or responsibility.

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world thanks to their incredible intelligence, loyalty, and courage. They make wonderful working dogs and are often used as assistance dogs for humans. But even if you don't need an assistance dog, a German Shepherd makes for a perfect furry friend.

Lifelike and realistic, our Perfect Petzzz German Shepherd will make you feel like you have your very own real dog. It even breathes. Without any of the feeding, grooming, or cleaning that comes with a real dog, you can have hours of fun playing with and caring for your Perfect Petzzz.

So if you're looking for a loyal friend that will always be by your side, pick up your very own Perfect Petzzz German Shepherd today!

Your bundle contains:

  • New Pet
  • Collar with Pet Tag
  • New Plush Pet Bed
  • Brush+ Adoption Certificate
  • 1 'D' Alkaline Battery
  • 100% Synthetic Fur


  • Carrier Box (flat): 11x7.75x5 inches (with the tent up: 11x7.75x9 inches)
  • Bed: 13x10x2 inches
  • Petzzz: 9.5x7x3 inches

Do not forget to get a carrier for your new petzzz:

Pink Pet Carrier Tote

pink pet carrier tote

Blue Pet Carrier Tote

blue pet carrier tote

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