Perfect Petzzz Life-like Stuffed Calico Kitten, Breathing, Realistic, 100% Synthetic Fur, Gift for All Ages

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Looking for a lovable, life-like kitten without any of the hassle? Well, look no further than the Perfect Petzzz Life-like Stuffed Calico Kitten! This adorable little kitty comes complete with authentic breathing movements and realistic fur that is soft to the touch, making it the perfect cuddle buddy.

The best part about this furry friend is that it requires none of the upkeep of a real pet – no feeding, no vet visits, and no litter box to clean! – yet still provides all the love and companionship of a real kitten. He or she is also the perfect gift for cat lovers of any age, whether they be kids who are not yet ready for the responsibility of a real pet, or elderly loved ones who would love to have a furry friend in the house without adding more responsibility.

So what are you waiting for? Click one of those big green “Add to Cart” buttons today and get your very own Perfect Petzzz Life-like Stuffed Calico Kitten now!

Each Bundle Includes:

  • New Pet
  • Collar with Pet Tag
  • New Plush Pet Bed
  • Brush+ Adoption Certificate
  • 1 'D' Alkaline Battery
  • 100% Synthetic Fur


  • Carrier Box (flat): 11x7.75x5 inches (with the tent up: 11x7.75x9 inches)
  • Bed: 13x10x2 inches
  • Petzzz: 9.5x7x3 inches

Made by Perfect Petzzz.

Don't forget to get a carrier for your new pet:

Pink Pet Carrier Tote

pink pet carrier tote

Blue Pet Carrier Tote

blue pet carrier tote

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