Perfect Petzzz Life-like Stuffed Border Collie, Breathing, Realistic, 100% Synthetic Fur, Gift for All Ages

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This life-like stuffed border collie is the perfect pet for those who are unable to take care of real animals. It even breathes, making it ultra-realistic! This makes it the ideal pet for elderly people or children who are not yet ready for a real pet. You won't have to worry about feeding it or taking it to expensive vet visits - this pet requires no upkeep! Plus, it's well-behaved and won't bite or scratch. The Border Collie is a high-energy breed that is known for being extremely intelligent and athletic. They have a tendency to herd other animals and people, so they do best in homes with older, well-behaved children. If you're looking for an intriguing and entertaining pet, the Border Collie is a great choice. Order your own today!

Each Bundle Includes:

  • New Pet
  • Collar with Pet Tag
  • New Plush Pet Bed
  • Brush+ Adoption Certificate
  • 1 'D' Alkaline Battery
  • 100% Synthetic Fur


  • Carrier Box (flat): 11x7.75x5 inches (with the tent up: 11x7.75x9 inches)
  • Bed: 13x10x2 inches
  • Petzzz: 9.5x7x3 inches

Don't forget to get one of these pet carriers for your new pet:

Pink Pet Carrier Tote

pink pet carrier tote

Blue Pet Carrier Tote

blue pet carrier tote

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