Harney and Sons Chocolate Mint, Flavored Black Tea - 20 Sachets per Tin

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A family collaboration gave rise to HT: Unique and Uncommon Tea blending. HT is grounded in the Harney tradition of providing the finest quality full-leaf teas and herbs, all packed in a stunning silken tea sachet. You can now enjoy the sophistication of full-leaf teas with teabag convenience.

The correct way to brew black tea:
Heat pot with boiling water until warm to touch.
Discard that water and use one sachet for two cups of tea.
Pour boiling water over sachet and steep 5 minutes.

Chocolate Mint
A special blend of Chinese black tea flavored with chocolate extract and embellished with peppermint.

Sweet and strong chocolate notes with a hint of peppermint.

Black tea, peppermint leaves, natural and artificial chocolate and vanilla flavors.

No light, moisture or scent. Store tightly sealed.

Sweetens you and your loved one

Brewing time:
Boiling  water, 5 minutes

Caffeine content:
40-60 milligrams

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