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Frontier Co-op Bulk Dried Elderberries (Sambucus Nigra) are attractive dark purple dried berries grown in their native Bulgaria. They are part of the honeysuckle family. The berries make a popular wellness tea and are also used as an ingredient in sweet syrups and desserts. The berries have a fruity aroma and sweet-tart, fruity flavor and make tasty, warming winter cordials, teas, syrups and wines.

  • Kosher

Tart and Tangy flavor

These Elderberries are not very sweet. The dried fruit tastes a little like blueberries, but not quite. The robust tart flavor develops well in drinks and foods and works especially well in syrups and desserts. Try them in muffins or crumbles, make tea or Elderberry wine for a refreshing and oh so healthy drink!

Sustainably Grown in Bulgaria

These berries are harvested at the peak of their flavor.  They maintain the plant’s moisture using unique and clean cropping techniques. The drying and packaging of these elderberries do not involve irradiation or treatment with ETO. They do not add any other ingredients to the package. Frontier Co-op Elderberries are also 100% kosher certified.

Dried Elderberries Benefits - Immune Boosting Properties of Dried Elderberries

Elderberries are typically used to shorten the duration of flu or colds. The berries show potent anti-viral properties. Dried Elderberries are also strong anti-oxidants and they modulate inflammation in the body. All this leads to an improved immune function.

Elderberries are also thought to positively affect metabolic syndrome, by reducing cholesterol and improving blood pressure.

Elderberries are not a substitute for medical treatment and should only be used as a herbal supplement to support a healthy lifestyle. Please consult your doctor for any medical advice.

Is it Safe to Eat Dried Elderberries Fruit?

Dried Elderberries are perfectly safe to eat once they are cooked. Raw Elderberries can cause nausea,  vomiting and diarrhea. However, once cooked, these triggering compounds are destroyed. Elderberries can be boiled to make herbal tea, or made into syrup for pancakes and can even be baked into muffins.

Please note that while the fruit of the Elderberry plant is safe to eat (cooked), the rest of the plant is not and should be discarded. These Frontier Co-op Dried Elderberries contain pure fruit.

How Do I Use Dried Elderberries?

As part of a healthy lifestyle, you can incorporate dried elderberries into your regular consumption. For example, you can mix in a few berries when you are baking a pie or a muffin. You can make Elderberry tea to give you comfort on cold nights.

When you feel a cold coming on, you can drink Elderberry tea to prevent the cold or shorten its duration.

Our Dried Elderberries comes in a generous and cost effective 1 lb bag and will last you a long while.

About Frontier Co-op

Frontier Co-op is owned by stores and organizations that buy and sell their products, Frontier Co-op has been a member-owned cooperative since 1976. They support natural-living and their products are never irradiated or treated with ETO. They're committed to the health and welfare of the environment and everyone producing and consuming their botanical products.

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