Breaking Away (DVD, 1979 Film)

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Breaking Away (DVD, 1979 Film). Color, 100 min. Comedy Drama. 

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- Sit back and enjoy 100 minutes of pure fun in this coming-of-age, comedy-drama film. Originally released in 1979, this remastered version was produced on one DVD as a dual-side, sensormatic edition. Featuring a terrific ensemble, this cleverly written PG-rated movie contains a great deal of subtle humor, insightful dialogue, and effortless chemistry. 'Breaking Away' tells the story of a group of four friends living in a region that is haunted by bitter rivalries between townies and college kids. After finishing high school, the four boys, who have no plans of joining college, are faced with an uncertain future. The boys find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place—they are neither townies nor college kids. The movie showcases the challenges faced by the foursome on their quest to fit in. The plot advances in a gradual, relatable pace, making the comedy even more charming.