We started Cheekoo's to bring you the unique things we discover and love. Our products are lovingly hand curated and feature artisanal and small business products you will love to display at home or give as gifts to friends and family. We carry products proudly made in the USA as well as handmade artisanal items from local communities around the world.

Most of the products we carry are sourced through businesses we have personally met and shook hands with. When you buy from us, you are helping support an entire community of small businesses and artisans around the world. Additionally, many of our products are environmentally conscious and produced in a sustainable manner.

As a family run small business, we take pride in the care and attention we are able to provide for every customer. Please contact us if you need help with any of our products you purchased or have questions about a product we carry in our catalog.

We thank you for your patronage!

Isabel & Shailesh

Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Contact us at:

  • isabel@shopcheekoos.com
  • shailesh@shopcheekoos.com
  • support@shopcheekoos.com

About our name:

Our store name has its root in Indian and Chinese culture. Cheekoo is derived from the name of a fruit that is popular in India. The fruit is known for its humble brown appearance and exceptional sweet flavor and various health benefits. In Chinese, the name 勤顾 (Chin-Koo) means diligent and caring, the values treasured by every generation of our family. Our name reflects the grassroot origin of local and artisan shops behind our products, and our mission of promoting love, care and productivity.


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