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Last week I had to travel abroad for business. Half time into the flight, all of a sudden I saw a young lady came crawling on the floor of the aisle next to me, holding her cell phone as a flashlight and looking for something. Passengers along the aisle start noticing her, but no one raised a question. It was quite an unusual scene as we were all expected to maintain social distancing. But no one asked or moved, because we all wore a mask and try to remain out of each other’s way.

This was a 18-hour international flight. Omicron was spreading, weather was bad, flights have been canceled and delayed, and it was exhausting to wear a mask for such extended period of time on a flight. But I believe, just like me, everyone else on this flight was here because we had a reason that made traveling at this time essential and inevitable. It could be due to family obligations, work, or many other reasons an ordinary person has to deal with during the pandemic.

It appeared that the lady did not find what she wanted. Five minutes later, a flight attendant turned on the lights so that she could see better. A man suddenly spoke up: “Here! Here!” He was looking down at his feet. The lady came over and reached down. That thing on the floor obviously moved. The lady followed to the next row, and the next. After a few attempts, finally she bent over and picked up something. Now we could all see. In her arms, there was an orange tabby cat. After this adventure, the cat appeared very content and curiously looked around at the strangers around them. The relieved cat mom carried her baby to her seat on the other side of the cabin - the mischievous kitty had sneaked out the carried and traveled quite far. Several passengers chuckled with relief. I also felt so happy for the reunion. Cats are so good at hiding. The mom must be scared of losing her kitty in an airplane full of strangers.

It is hard enough for humans to travel internationally these days. It is much harder to travel with pets. Most people would leave pets at home if they are away for a short period of time. I was thinking to myself, this little kitty probably is moving across the pacific ocean to a new country with her mom. It is heartwarming to know that they will have each other and accompany each other in a new chapter of their life together. 

During the pandemic, many more Americans became pet parents. I always believe, caring for our pet children teaches us a lot of things, including how to care for ourselves. I love to watch our cat sleeping on the couch, and feel the whole world is so calm and peaceful. When I travel, I carry this beautiful necklace with me, a bless for travelers and cat lovers

A lot of times, we can’t have a pet at home for some reason. Maybe we have allergies, we are too busy to take care of animals, or we are still grieving over our loved pets who just crossed the rainbow bridge. Our store have a collection of plush dogs and cats, that could be perfect gifts for anyone for all occasions.

The Perfect Petzzz are life-like cats and dogs that look realistic and could breath. They are not robot cats or robot dogs that would move around. Instead they are always peacefully sleeping, with their belly moving up and down when breathing. They are made of 100% synthetic fur, which make them safe for people with allergies. Their appearance resembles kittens and puppies, which naturally appeal to almost everybody.

We have a black-and-white shorthair Perfect Petzzz cat at our own home, whom we named Shadow. First day we adopted the kitten, our own orange cat got suspicious and nervous. She walked around in order to avoid her. But in just a few days, she started sniffing at Shadow after she realized that this kitten sleeps all the time, and does not bother her or steal her food. Each Perfect Petzzz comes with their own bed and a brush. When we brush Shadow, her big cat sister also comes to groom her.

If you prefer cuddling with softer stuffed animals, the GANZ stuffed dogs here are the best choice. They are cute, super soft and lightweight, made of high-quality fabric and filling. They would be nice companion when you rest on couch or sleep at night.

These pet toys are perfect gifts for children and adults who are sick at home or in hospital. Many family members of elderly people with dementia found these plush toys perfect companion at home.

None of these toys would replace your real furry companion animals at home, just like a new pet will never replace the ones we had in the past. However, these adorable and cuddly plush animals can bring you additional joy and comfort. They suit both children (age 3 and up) and adults, like joy-for-all companion pets. They are wonderful addition for your home. You could also give them as gifts for Valentine’s day, mother’s day, or any other special day you celebrate.

Isabel 01/12/2022

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