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During many outdoor and indoor activities, we often need headbands to keep our hair and sweat off our face. Headbands come in so many different styles, varying in fabric, width, shape, and design. How to pick a headband that suits your needs, and how to wear a headband? These are questions that come to mind almost everyday for those who have an active lifestyle. 

Different Types of Headbands to Match Your Style or Need

Generally we wear a headband for a fashionable look or for its function. A headband could complement our hair color, add a touch to our outfit, and helps form a personal style, be it effortless chic or athleisure. Moreover, a headband helps keep any stray hair out of the way, and keep our forehead and face dry during physical activities. Headbands are designed for such various functions, and therefore come in different forms.

For instance, a Nike headband for runners is a narrow and strong elastic band with non-skid rubber built in on the inner side, so that it will hold all your loose hair together and stay in place during vigorous exercise. I love to wear it for a long run, but it is not very comfortable to wear during a casual walk in town.

During the past two years, we have spent more time at home in comfortable clothes. A silk scarf with bright and fun colors would make a perfect headband that is both comfortable and stylish.

Wearing a Headband for Fashion or for Functionality

However, the pandemic has changed us in many ways. Many of us come to the realization that we do not need many pieces of clothing and belongings. A simple wardrobe is good for both the environment on earth and our own home. Beauty and function can be achieved at the same time through a little extra planning and searching.

At Cheekoo's, we aim at promoting health, wellness and productivity. Thus we were on the search for fashion apparel and accessories that offer a versatile functionality and attractive looks at the same time. 

Shop for Headbands that are Versatile and Fit Your Lifestyle

We are in love with the Bondi Band headbands. They are made of silky fabric that is stretchy and lightweight. It wicks away moisture during your exercise and keeps your hair and face dry. It comes with a wide selection of vibrant colors and cool designs, whether you are shop for headbands for her or for him. The 3-inch width makes it comfortable to wear, so comfortable and light that you would forget that you are wearing one. It could be worn under a helmet or hat without adding bulk. 

The Bondi Band headbands are perfect for any indoor and outdoor activities, running, hiking, cycling, yoga, gym workout, dancing, and many more.

The quick-dry and lightweight fabric is particularly great for a camping trip if you are camping and backpacking for multiple days. Every ounce counts when you pack for your expedition. Such a headband is useful throughout your trip without weighing you down.

When doing yoga or meditation, these headbands do not put any pressure on your head while keep your hair in check. You would love to wear a headband like this without feeling restricted or distracted.

How to Wear Headbands?

How to wear headbands so they are stylish and comfortable? Wearing a headband so that it is not too tight or too loose and stay in place can be tricky. The Bondi Band headbands have a seamless and single-layer design with fixed width, so that you do not have to worry about whether and how to fold them or keep them in shape. It is a closed-loop without any button or closure to worry about. Simply put it on and forget about it. One size fits all thanks to its super stretchy fabric. You do not need to adjust anything. 

Another great advantage of these headbands is that you could wear them under any helmet without feeling extra bulk. This is important during cold weather when you want to put a hat on, or in the hot summer when you go biking and need to keep your head and face dry.  

On a busy day, we move between home, gym, work, supermarkets and the bar. Such a headband is a stylish and appropriate accessory for most outfits. And on the occasions when you need to take it off, your hair will remain fresh and tidy. We all need little tools like this that are low maintenance and benefit us in so many different ways.

Shop for Your Headband from Our Exclusive Headband Collection

We are proud to carry many designs by Bondi Band that are exclusive to Cheekoo's. These are the best headbands in business whether you want them for style or for your workouts (or both - why shouldn't you look great during your workouts!). Get them here today and you will be rocking a look very few others have when you are out and about - and look great doing it!

Lead photo by Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash

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