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Father's Day is just around the corner, and if you're like most people, you still haven't figured out what to get your dad. He probably says he doesn't want anything, but we all know that's not true. The truth is, dads love getting gifts from their kids - especially when they are unique and show how much we appreciate them. If you're stuck on what to get your dad this Father's Day, don't worry! We've got you covered. In this blog post, we will give you 5 different gift ideas based on things your dad likes. Happy Father's Day!

Gifts for Dad Who Likes to Cook and Entertain

Is your dad the happiest when surrounded by friends and family, with a drink in hand and a nice meal on the table? If so, then he would love a gift that helps him do what he loves - cook! Here are some ideas:

- A Set of Cheese Knives: Dad will love being able to serve his guests with a nice charcuterie board. These handcrafted mango wood cheese knives will do the trick.

- A Spice Box: Every good cook needs a well-stocked spice cabinet, and this one from Matr Boomie has everything dad needs to take his dishes to the next level.

- A New Cookbook Stand: If your dad is always looking for new recipes to try, he likely has a library of cookbooks. These cookbook stands from Matr Boomie will hold his recipe open on the right page while he is whipping up his latest creation. Try this one with Tree of Life carving or these with mandala or the world carvings.

- A New Wine Bottle Holder: If your dad loves to entertain, he probably has a wine collection. Help him display his collection with this beautiful butterfly wine bottle holder. Or choose this magnificent sailboat wine bottle holder instead.

Gifts for Dad Who Likes the Outdoors

Is your dad an adventurous type who loves nothing more than spending time outdoors? If so, then he would love a gift that helps him enjoy the great outdoors even more. Here are some ideas:

- New Moisture-Wicking Armbands or Headbands: These sporty armbands and men's headbands from Bondi Band will help keep dad's sweat under control while he is out on a run or hike. These armbands will help your dad carry his phone or wallet securely while on a run or hike.

- A Quirky T-Shirt from The Mountain: If your dad loves spending time outdoors, he probably has a (quirky) sense of humor too. Help him show it off with one of these hilarious but artsy t-shirts from The Mountain. We're sure he'll get a good laugh out of it!

- A New Canvas Bag: Does your dad always have his hands full when he goes on hikes or walks? If so, he would love a new canvas bag to help him carry all of his gear. These from Prairie Schooner are perfect because they have a lot of compartments and can be worn in many different ways.

Gifts for Dad Who Likes Professional Sports

Is your dad a die-hard fan of his favorite professional sports team? If so, then he would love a gift that shows off his team spirit. We carry a nice selection of licensed NCAA and professional sports merchandise such as magnets, decals, cups, and more.

Gifts for Dad Who Likes Board Games and Puzzles

Is your dad the life of the party when it comes to board games and puzzles? If so, then he would love a gift that helps him enjoy his favorite pastime even more. Here are some ideas:

- A New Board Game: If your dad is a fan of board games, he would love a new one to add to his collection. We recommend this 3D Tic Tac Toe game or for a greater challenge try this handcrafted portable chess set or this triangle peg game.

- An Artistic Jigsaw Puzzle: If your dad loves puzzles, he would love a new one to solve. These puzzles by Eric Dowdle are works of art that will challenge and delight your dad.

Gifts for Dad Who Likes to Garden

Does your dad have a green thumb? If so, he would love a gift that helps him in his gardening pursuits. Here are some ideas:

- A New Watering Can: Every gardener needs a good watering can, and this one from Matr Boomie is both stylish and functional.

- A New Planter Pot: If your dad is always looking for new ways to spruce up his garden, he would love a new planter pot. These from Matr Boomie are perfect because they are handmade and artisanal and can be used indoors or outdoors. Check out mama turtle, baby turtle, terracotta elephant, or this 3" terracotta planter with mango wood stand.

Of course, nothing says "I Luv You Dad" better than these "I Luv U Dad" puzzle boxes. These are handcrafted in Vietnam and have hidden compartments for him to tinker with.

If your dad doesn't want any gifts for Father's Day, that doesn't mean you can't still show him how much you love and appreciate him. We listed 5 unique gift ideas that will surprise and delight dad on his special day. From a wine bottle holder to a new board game, we have something for every type of dad. So go ahead and show your dad how much you care with one of these thoughtful gifts.

Happy Father's Day!

Do you have any other unique gift ideas for dad? Share them with us in the comments below!

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